Creating Sample Garments

Whether you have a store front or work from home, every t-shirt business needs samples to show customers and prospects. This is an opportunity for you to highlight what sets you apart from your competition and highlight your top sellers. Let’s explore a few main points to hit while creating sample garments for your t-shirt business.

Your solution to your customers biggest challenge – What is the number one question you’re asked by your customers? Printing on dark colors, fine detail, printing on performance wear or spandex? Whatever the reason, create a sample to show your customer on the spot. The opportunity to touch and feel and readily having an answer, your customer will be sure to pass your company name by word of mouth – the most powerful marketing tool of all!

Make a connection with your customer – Create a connection with your customer by incorporating colors, themes, and sports that will resonate with them. If you live in a football town, create football garments, spirit wear, and cheer gear in team colors. You will earn their buy-in and be the towns one-stop-shop for hometown gear.

Clean and simple – Being in the apparel decoration industry it is easy to forget about showcasing the basic designs we are surrounded by. However, at the end of the day, these are the best sellers and money makers. Show a popular design in different color choices on a popular garment choice. Keep it simple, keep it basic.

Busy and eccentric – On the other end of the spectrum, show you versatility and capability to print detailed, full color graphics. Get creative and show your funkiest design on an unusual apparel choice. You’ll be sure to stir conversation around a unique piece.

New Trends – Highlight the newest trends in graphics and apparel. Your customers look to you for guidance and inspiration. Showcasing high ticket items could persuade your customers to place an order for them putting extra profit in your pockets.

Make several sets of samples. Display a set in your store front or work space, have a travel set you can take to meetings, and an additional set on-hand for those impromptu business opportunities.

Create together.