Custom Banners for Your Sport’s Teams

You have decorated their uniforms, did the spirit wear and ordered stickers for the team’s helmets. One last item most teams will need is a banner to hang on game day at the field.

This is a great last add-on sale. Some ideas to put on the team banner are the team name with team logo, the team photo, a team roster, and a thank you to the sponsors with their names/and or logos.

Banner with team roster and sponsors

A banner listed with the team roster and sponsors.

You can create the art and send it to us, or use one of our banner layouts. A good size for these banners is 3 feet x 5 feet which will cost you about $30 and can easily be sold for $50. While doing research, we found them promoted for as much as $80!

The banners are printed in full color, so photographs are perfect to put on the banner. They are printed on durable 13 oz vinyl, and UV protected so they won’t fade in sunlight. Each banner includes 4 easy to use banner tabs to position on the banner based on where you will be hanging it. The banner is shipped in a durable tube that is perfect for your team’s storage to take it from game to game.

Banner with Team Photo

A banner featuring the team photo.