Custom Transfers for School Plays

School is back and the thespians are busy getting ready for the fall play.   Now is the time to contact the advisor and get the t-shirt order for their premiere! Most plays will have artwork available as part of the fee paid for the use of the play script. This art can be sent to us through our site for orders and quotes alike with just a click of the Send Us Your Artwork button. On the back, include the list of the roles with the actor and actresses names—Easy Prints® layout QTY-29 works well for this.

Layout for Cast List

Pick a layout to use for the back of the shirt to list the cast.

The type of custom transfer to order will depend on a couple of factors – number of colors they would like in the print and the quantity needed.

For art with a lot of colors like you see in the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, or the Seusical logos, the Stretch Litho transfer will work best because they are not priced by the number of colors. Any color in their logo will be printed. These work great on any color shirt.

Full color logo on t-shirt

For many colors in a logo, use Stretch Litho.

Full color logo on t-shirt

Stretch Litho are good for many colors.

If you need to keep costs down, a screen printed transfer may make more sense. Limit the order to one color ink as shown in the School House Rock shirt. Or if you will be ordering a large quantity, the screen printed transfers may also be cost effective as shown in the Annie shirt. This has three colors but at quantities of 50 or more, it will be less expensive. These also can be applied to any color shirt.


screen printed school play t-shirt

One color, tone on tone screen printed transfer gives the popular fashion look.

school play t-shirt using screen printed transfers

Multi-color screen printed transfers are more cost effective with larger quantities.

Our customer service team will help you decide on the best custom transfer product to meet your needs.