#FillTheSheet to Save Printing Costs

The easiest way to increase profits in your T-shirt business is to reduce custom printing costs. One of the biggest advantages of screen printed custom transfers is the sheet. You basically have an 11.25 x 14” canvas to put whatever will fit in that space for the same cost. This can greatly reduce your printing costs as you can print 2 or more shirts from every sheet.

To use the sheet, you have two guidelines. The art must fit in the area and it needs to be the same color or colors. Sometimes the sheet is filled by the same customer who wants a front and back, or a front and sleeve. Both can be printed on the same sheet, cutting your print cost in half in comparison to other printing methods. In the sheet below, we used a full front print with a sleeve print, both in black and white plastisol ink.

gang sheet with front print and sleeve print

Sheet filled with full size QHK-115 and sleeve print QLG-19

But if your customer is not using the whole sheet, be creative and fill the sheet with something that will benefit your business. On the two shown below, we completely filled the sheet with 7 different prints so you can heat press 7 different items. They can all say the same thing, or each of the 7 can be for a different customer.

gang sheet with 7 prints

With QGS-3, you can print 7 items!

Other #FillTheSheet ideas are to add common add-ons like Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa. Have you thought about adding custom shirt tags to your apparel? This is a great way to advertise your business. Below you will see a full front basketball layout with 8 custom shirt tags.

fill up the extra space with shirt tags

You can use extra space by filling it up with custom shirt tags to advertise your company on each shirt!

Another idea is to use the space for self-promotion items. Your customer ordered a full front, but you can use the rest of the space to create smaller images promoting your company. You can use these for staff shirts, or apply to an inexpensive promotional product like a mouse pad or grocery tote to use as giveaways with each order. On the sheet below, we did a school custom print, QCU-23 and added a heart and cap size print for our own company using Easy Prints® art layout, QBU-254.

gang sheet with promotional prints

Another idea is to use your extra space to promote your business.

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