General Business Logos & Designs in Easy View®

For small and local businesses just starting or running on the side, having a logo is vital. When you’re decorating for these businesses, they often don’t have a logo yet. That’s where our latest collection of general business logo layouts comes to the rescue!

We’ve created a series of simple and professional logo designs that are perfect for customizing. You can add the company name, contact details, website, or any other info your customer wants on their apparel.

new company logo layout designs

Introducing Customizable General Business Logos

Whether it’s a local bakery, a new consultancy, or a service provider in the neighborhood, these logo designs work for all kinds of businesses. They give each business a unique identity on their company apparel.

Check out our latest customizable logos below!


compton general business logo designcompton general business logo design on yellow hat


compton company general business logo designcompton company monogram general business logo on messenger bag


compton company general business logocompton company general business logo on left chest of blue polo shirt

Full Color Business & Company Clip Art Designs

business clip art

business clip art

Start Designing for Small Businesses with Easy View®

Find a logo you like? Search the number in Easy View® Online Designer to begin designing your business logos today! This user-friendly tool allows you to customize design templates to suit your customers’ specific needs. Adjust colors, add text or graphics, and create custom apparel that resonates with your target audience.

Rest easy with instant price quotes and shipping time information available during the design process, ensuring timely delivery of your finished products. Your customers will receive their custom apparel promptly, ready to celebrate and represent their business with pride.

If you’re new to Transfer Express or need assistance using Easy View®, check out our video tutorial below for step-by-step guidance!

Our new collection of general business logos and designs are here to make branding easy for startups and small businesses. With Easy View®, you can confidently offer local entrepreneurs a professional and personalized logo for their company shirts and apparel.

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