Printing Polyester Apparel

Printing on polyester apparel can be a challenge since many types of polyester easily scorch.   To help reduce scorching we offer several types of transfers that apply at a lower temperature.

What is Polyester?

Polyester is a synthetic fiber found in many types of apparel.    Customers like it because it is durable, versatile and affordable.   Heat Printers dislike it because it can scorch easily.   In addition, sublimated polyester can have dye migration creating a bleed issue.

Elasti Prints on Polyester

Polyester Transfer Products

UltraColor Max™

UltraColor Max applies at just 290 degrees and is a good choice when you need to print a small quantity of polyester apparel.   On a full size design this number is usually a quantity of 18 or less.

UltraColor Pro™

UltraColor Pro also applies to polyester apparel at 290 degrees.   This is your perfect option for full color printing needs of 18 or more.   UltraColor Pro has multiple price breaks

UltraColor Stretch™ with Blocker

If you are printing sublimated polyester, you need to order UltraColor Stretch with Blocker.   This will prevent dye migration or bleed.    Your wholesale supplier lists the words sublimated polyester in the product description indicating the need for the blocker.

Elasti Prints®

If you are printing a quantity of 18 or more with just 1-2 colors, the screen print transfer, Elasti Prints will be your best choice.    There also are numbers available in the Champ Pro style for numbering polyester uniforms and the Express Names apply at the same time and temperature.

Testing for Scorching

Since it is the heat, and not the transfer itself that scorches, it is an easy test before you purchase.    Take a reverse corner and press it at 290 degrees for 15 seconds, if there is no scorch marks any of the transfer above will work.

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