Get It Straight With the Hotronix® Laser Alignment System!

Applying custom transfers is as easy as 1, 2, 3 by simply controlling three variables – time, temperature, and pressure. But there is a fourth variable to consider, making sure to get the transfer placed in the correct position on the apparel and to GET IT STRAIGHT!

Those experienced at applying custom transfers have developed a procedure over the years to properly apply a heat transfer in the right position on the apparel. It’s almost a sixth sense. But what about training new employees? You can sit back and hope they get the transfer positioned correctly on the apparel or you can get them the perfect tool to be successful – the Hotronix Laser Alignment System!

Hotronix Laser Alignment System

Adjust the lasers for perfect alignment on every print.

The Hotronix Laser alignment system is designed to increase efficiency when decorating apparel by using 4 lasers to show exactly where the logo or design needs to be placed. Setting up the laser system is easy with the Layout Alignment Wizard™ that is included with the purchase of the unit. Turn on the lasers, place the wizard on the lower platen and manually adjust the lasers to match the lines for perfect transfer placement every time!

The Laser Alignment System is mounted on its own tabletop stand and features 4 individual lasers that are flexible and can be manually moved to locate the exact position on the garment for perfect transfer placement. The laser system only takes up 18 inches of table space and is compatible with any heat press including the Hotronix and MAXX™ heat transfer machines.

Make a New Years resolution to upgrade your heat printing skills and reduce waste by purchasing the Hotronix Laser Alignment system available from Stahls’ Transfer Express!


Dual Air Fusion heat press with laser alignment

The Hotronix Dual Air Fusion™ comes with the Laser Alignment System mounted on both platens.

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