Make More Decorated Apparel Sales through First Impression

How can you win over your prospective decorated apparel customer?  With a great first impression!  There are so many ways to ensure that your first impression is a great one.  Keep in mind that you can meet a potential t-shirt & apparel customer anywhere; at the grocery store, at your kids sporting event, at the mall, even at the gas station!

The first tip to making a great first impression is to be sociable!  Show that you are friendly; do not start off the conversation with, “Hey, buy my stuff.”  Look for a good opportunity to mention that you sell custom apparel through casual conversation.  For example, their son plays football? Great! We offer great designs for football players and moms!  You never know when a casual conversation will spark interest in your decorated apparel items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts or caps.

Next tip? Wear your own custom designs!  You are a walking advertisement for your decorated apparel products.  With the upcoming holiday, wear one of our great 4th of July firework designs, add your city’s name to the design to make it stand out even more.  This is a great way to show potential customers what you can do, and a great conversation opener!

To make your first impression even better, show that you are always prepared and dedicated to your decorated apparel business!  A great way to do this is to have marketing materials on you at all times to provide your new apparel prospects with information on what you can offer them.  You can provide them with brochures, flyers, and materials with your contact information on them.  Download flyers from our website to give to your potential customers!

Black & White Idea Book

Show your customers what designs we have to offer!

A great resource for those prospects that you believe will purchase multiple apparel items are the Black & White Idea BookTM packs, each book provides your customers with great design ideas, and there is even a blank area on each book where you can personalize them with your information.  Check out more marketing tools that we have to offer on the marketing page of our website!

Easy Prints Pinterest Page

See pictures of the designs on the Easy Prints Pinterest page

Another great way to improve your prospective customers’ first impression of your company is your online presence!  Specifically, your online presence through social media sites.  We help you out with this first impression through our Easy Prints® website and the Easy Prints® Pinterest page.  We have created Easy Prints® specifically to help your business grow!  One of the great features of is that it does not link to our company at all, therefore your customer associates the Easy Prints® sites with your company, it’s a great way to connect with your customers and make an amazing first impression!  When talking to your prospective apparel customers you can refer them to the Easy Prints® Pinterest page, this page allows your customers to see different design ideas and you can even repin our pins to your own Pinterest page! (To learn more about Pinterest check out our Pinterest for your T-shirt Business blog.) To get a feel for how we make our first impression through social media, check out our Transfer Express Facebook and Twitter pages!

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