Simplify Ordering with Sales Flyers

Class_Of_Sales_FlyerDuring a recent trade show we spoke with a lot of embroiderers who are just starting to expand their embroidery business by purchasing a heat press and start offering other printing methods such as transfers. We show our Easy Prints Idea Book to explain the vast options of customizing the design ideas and giving their customers the option of creating their own, unique look. Well to our surprise one embroiderer explained she would much rather prefer showing her customers only a few design layouts which makes decisions simple.

We have created several ways for dealers to grab faster orders by showing them flyers containing the most popular design ideas or dealers can create their own! First, we offer an increasing collection of sales flyers online for different events and activities. These flyers come populated with popular layouts ready to be printed out to show your customers. If you have a graphic design program, you have the ability to customize your own favorite layouts and add them to the flyer as well.

Second, if you place an order from Transfer Express your shipment will contain a package flyer. The flyers allow you to cut off the bottom, which contains Transfer Express logo and information. With our logo no longer on the flyer this makes for a great piece to show your customers some of the most popular designs for that theme.

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