Thank You Small Businesses


This week is National Small Business Week and the theme is “SBA: Dream Big, Start Small”. And even though we think every week should be Small Business Week, this is a great opportunity to stop and show appreciation for the small businesses that we get to help grow on a daily basis. Over the years we get to see start-up businesses running out of their garage, grow into retail stores in their local communities. We love seeing your companies grow and thrive through apparel decorating.

Since our company started as a small local company, we at Transfer Express understand the need for learning and growing your craft. It isn’t easy to do on your own which is why we are here to help with free educational opportunities to learn more about the heat transfer side of apparel decorating. There’s a lot of resources available from personal consulting from our Dealer Services Reps, group training in our online webinar classes, and sharing stories and ideas on social media to tips, charts and guides on application, pricing and marketing.

We hope you take advantage of these ways to learn as much as you can to grow your business. Our next online class is appropriately titled “5 Ways to Grow Your T-Shirt Business”. Join us on May 14th as we discuss how to give your customers incentive to purchase, pricing for profit, upselling and post sale strategy.

Free Registration for 5 Ways to Grow Your T-Shirt Business May 14th from 2pm-3pm EST.

To view other helpful educational materials, visit our Help and Education and Videos section on our website.

Happy Small Business Week!


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