5 Tips for Selling Family Reunion T-Shirts

Family reunion t-shirts are one of our biggest sellers in the summer, and can be your biggest seller, too!

Most family reunion t-shirt orders are for about 100 t-shirts in various sizes that can be handled with one transfer order. They are often 2 color since the bigger order allows a second color in the budget.

The key to success is letting a customer know you can do their order in time for the big event.


Distribute a Free Printable Sales Flyer

We have created a printable family reunion t-shirt flyer that you can use as a mailer or in-store hand-out. This flyer promotes 9 of our best-selling family reunion templates.

The sales flyer is non-branded so you can add your own contact information and print.

family reunion t-shirt flyer


Create a Free Proof

Once your customer decides which design is right for their family reunion order, go to Easy View, our free online designer, to customize the art with their family name.

family reunion custom t-shirt preview

Have your customer choose an ink color and t-shirt color and create a custom proof in seconds. This proof can be printed out or emailed so your customer can use it to get orders from all family members.

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Handling Multiple Shirt Sizes for Printing

A family reunion order may have t-shirt sizes ranging from toddler to 3XL. How do you handle all sizes?

Believe it or not, with just one transfer order.

If there are toddler shirts, we recommend using a gang sheet with a standard adult and a smaller size that will fit on the sheet.

The standard adult print will handle all t-shirt sizes from Youth Medium to Adult 3XL. The small print can be used for toddler and youth small sizes.

This way you can place just one transfer order to print all shirts.

To figure out the quantity, add up your youth medium and larger shirts. That will be the number of transfer sheets you order, which should easily also cover all your infant and youth small size t-shirts.

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Upsell with Extra Prints

Since you will be needing more adult shirts than youth, our gang sheet set-up is going to leave you with a lot of extra small prints. These prints are free so use them to upsell.

You can use them on women’s tank tops, tote bags, shorts, mouse pads and golf shirts.

Add these items to your order form and upsell for additional profits.


Promote Fast Turnaround

Because the family member organizing the family reunion also has a “day job” and it is difficult to organize a large group of people, family reunion t-shirt orders often are last minute.

We recommend setting your last day to order t-shirts date, at least a week before the event if your customer will be picking up their order, or add a day or two if you will need to ship the order.

Wait one day after the “last day to order” because you can count on someone turning the order in late.

Our one-color orders from our family reunion art layouts ship the same day when you order by 11 am EST and two colors ship in just two days. So, you can order Monday, your order will ship by Wednesday, and they arrive to you by Friday.

Our Goof Proof transfers are the best transfer type for family reunion t-shirts and apply in just 4 seconds. You will be able to print that 100-piece t-shirt order in about an hour and have it ready for Friday evening pick-up.

This fast turnaround is what will help you win the sale!

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Monica Candies

I’m interested in seeing what colors of t shirts, do you have. I’m giving a (FAMILY REUNION) and I need to know how much it is for 20 t-shirts for now and with the last name on them saying (FAMILY Renuion). Green t-shirts with Yellow words on them. Thank you.

Dealer Services

Hi Monica,
You can find our t-shirts and colors here. There are lots to choose from!

As for our transfer pricing, you can view that here:

Let us know if you have any more questions!

Penelope Smith

This is some really good information about making t-shirts for a family reunion. My family is planning a huge reunion this year. It is good to know that we should think about finding a company that can handle multiple sizes of shirts.

Dealer Services

Hi Penelope,
Glad you found the tips useful!


Hello I would need 4XLg and 5XLg would these sizes be a problem. Thank you

Dealer Services

These won’t be a problem. Just make sure the shirt you choose is available in these sizes. Not all of the shirt items are available in 4x and 5x. As for the transfers, follow the same method as you would as if it were a 2x or 3x.

James Brian

Thanks for sharing tips with us for selling reunion t-shirts. This blog is very useful. I will share this blog with others.

Dealer Services

Thanks, James! Glad you find it useful.


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