Using the Screen Printed Transfer Price Guide

Using the Price Grid to quickly determine the cost for a screen printed transfer order can look tricky. There’s a few different price grids and a lot of numbers! But in reality, it’s quite simple. The video below will help guide you in the right direction on how to read the Price Grids and determine which grid you’ll need to look at for your order.

The first thing to think about before determining the price is where the artwork you’re using is coming from. There is one price grid for Easy Prints® and one for Easy Prints® Plus. So that’s the difference?

Easy Prints® Pricing: Pricing for screen printed transfers where the artwork came from customizing Easy Prints® layouts in the Idea Book or on

Easy Prints® Plus Pricing: Pricing for screen printed transfers where the artwork came from your customer or your own artwork that cannot be created using Easy Prints® layouts and clip art.

Now that you know which price grid to look at, what about the transfer type (ink formula)?

Standard Transfer Types: Goof Proof®. Hot Split or Polytrans

Specialty Transfer Types: Elasti Prints®, Glitter

Learn more about the different Transfer Types here.

Now that we have the correct price grid we need to use, we can determine a per sheet price. Screen printed transfers are priced by the Quantity of Sheets needed and the Number of Colors to be printed. Your per sheet cost is at the crossing points of this row and column. It’s that easy!

Easy Prints Custom T-Shirt Pricing

When needing Gang Sheets (multiple smaller images printed on one sheet) keep in mind that the number of transfers you need, may not match the quantity of sheets you need to order. For instance, if you need 100 transfers and we can fit 5 of your small designs on one sheet, you’ll only need to order 20 sheets. The number of designs we can fit on one sheet will depend on the size of your design(s). How many of your design will fit on a sheet? Find out here

Gang Sheet example with multiple small images on one sheet.

Gang Sheet example with multiple small images on one sheet.

On the price grids, you will also see “Additional Charges” towards the bottom. These additional charges are there if you need your order Rushed, need a Color Match from a specific PMS color number, need the transfer Cut apart etc. Transfer Express will make you aware of any additional charges before placing your order.

Special Services Transfer Express offers may have Additional Charges

Special Services Transfer Express offers may have Additional Charges


Here are a few more tips:

Quantity:  Use the price breaks to save money. Ordering just under a price break may be more expensive than ordering at the next price break.

Colors: The price grids will show up to 10 colors. We can print a lot more than that, however sometimes it may be less expansive to have your design printed as a digital transfer instead of a screen printed transfer. Different pricing applies.

Gang Sheets: Use the same price grid when pricing a gang sheet vs. a single image sheet. Because of this, if you can fit more images on the sheet that share the same ink color, it’s best to do so to save money. Maximize the sheet by fitting as many images as possible on the sheet. It doesn’t cost you any more!

Easy View®: If using Easy Prints® layouts and clip art, use the Easy View® online designer to set up your own sheet. Here, you have the power to set up the transfer sheet how you want it!

Questions: If you are unsure about how to use the price grid and need help, give us a call at 800-622-2280 or e-mail us at We’re happy to help!






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Kim Grassbaugh

Do I have to purchase a marketing kit if I just need a price sheet and book?

Dealer Services

Hi Kim,
You can get “Mini Sample Set” pack which also includes the price guide, buyer’s guide, and a black/white Idea Book:


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