Dare to be Different! Enhancing your Art

There are lots of screen printers and apparel decorators that offer good service and competitive pricing, but not all offer great artwork! Dare to be different by offering the following enhancements to your designs. Whether you choose to use your artwork or ours, there’s several modifications that can be made to the art that will set your design apart from the competition.

You can send us artwork from programs like CorelDraw® and Adobe Illustrator® and we accept most common digital file formats. Or you can use our art layouts if you are a current Transfer Express customer.

Patterns & Distress
Most apparel decorators offer text and graphics in solid block areas but did you know that you can break up these areas with a distressed pattern or zebra stripes? We have 5 popular distress patterns to choose from and 30 different background patterns that will make your designs pop!
[View PDF of our patterns and distress clip art for custom T-shirt designs]

T-shirt design with added distress look

Add a distress pattern to any layout for a vintage or worn look.

Script & Tails
Dare to be different with your athletic prints by adding one of our unique script and tail combinations with stars, feathers, or mascots designed right in the tail! Changing ordinary art into extraordinary art can make the difference of getting the order or losing out to the competition. While you’re at it, add a distress pattern to the script and tail combination!

script and tail T-shirt designs

Customize these layouts with your own text, colors, size, clip art, and fonts!

Legs & Sleeves
Many customers don’t realize they have the option to add graphics to the sleeve, cuff or leg areas and by adding this service, you increase the dollar total of the sale and provide a value added service to your customer. To make sleeve and leg decoration easy, why not invest in a sleeve or leg platen for your Hotronix® heat press?

heat press platen for applying screen printed transfers to legs and sleeves

Interchangeable leg and sleeve platen

Add Some Custom Bling!
What a better way to make your artwork exceptional by adding rhinestones or rhinestuds to the design. Rhinestones are currently hot with ladies wear for teens in cheerleading, dance, and everyday fashion. Get started today by enhancing your artwork with one or more of the options above and dare to be different!

rhinestone design around screen printed design

Add rhinestones with screen printing or use them by themselves.

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