Printing Custom Memories

Why are you printing custom T-shirts, uniforms, or team wear?

Sure, you’re trying to make a living and are able to have the American dream at the same time – be your own boss and have your very own business!

But is there more to it?

Why not open a different type of business? What is the “why?” of your business?

At first thought, you might think you are just printing a baseball uniform or a custom shirt for a group. However, when it comes down to it, you are printing much more.

You are printing a lasting memory for most of these players or members of a group.

I remember back in tee-ball, my very first team uniform shirt.

It was kelly green, with the number 1 on the back (probably because I was the smallest kid), and I even remember the sponsor – Hubbies Video!

This was well over 30 years ago, and unfortunately, Hubbies Video has long since closed.

As a young child, it was my dream to be a professional athlete (as with a lot of children). I remember the thought that this was my very own baseball jersey and I was on my way to the big leagues!

A simple tee-ball shirt created a lasting memory for me. My mom probably still has it in her attic!

You see, most custom shirts are printed for a reason.

They have something sentimental behind them, whether it’s a shirt for someone walking for a family member with cancer, a spirit wear shirt to support their high school football team who made the playoffs, someone who tried out for a team and made it, etc.

These shirts are part of the larger picture, part of the memories we have for a lifetime. They become part of us and who we are.

They visually represent someone – their likes, hobbies, and things that mean something to that person.

Custom shirts unite people as a group. It is a visual glue, if you will.

Even if it is just a shirt, it makes someone part of a group. How many of our young people just need that affirmation, that they are accepted.

So the next time you go to print an order for a group, think about what you’re printing.

What will this shirt mean to the person wearing it? As always, it doesn’t hurt to put your logo on the shirt to be a part of this lasting memory!

baseball uniforms

Custom shirts become part of the memories we keep with us.

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