Full Color Transfers-CAD-PRINTZ or UltraColor

If you need full color printing you have two full color transfer lines that will work, CAD-PRINTZ and UltraColor.   Both are full color CMYK printing, and both have a full series of products to apply to any apparel type. So which do you use?


Feel the Difference

First, lets compare the two products. CAD-PRINTZ is a full color print/cut product. It is toner printed on a white vinyl. This makes it a little heavier than UltraColor and most orders will have a visible white outline. UltraColor is a hybrid digital screen print, combining the best of both processes. It come with a thin, .004, clear outline. Both can be applied to any color shirt.


Since CAD-PRINTZ has just a 1 piece minimum, it is definitely the choice for small orders. If you need 1-10 prints, CAD-PRINTZ will always cost you less. UltraColor has a 5 sheet minimum. As you get above 10 and/or your print image needed gets larger, CAD-PRINTZ cost goes up making UltraColor a better choice based on cost.


Since CAD-PRINTZ is square inch pricing you will find it less expensive for smaller prints even up to as many as 50.  For a large full size print, UltraColor quickly becomes a better choice.

Gang Sheets

Gang sheets are a transfer sheet with more than one print. It can be the same art design multiple times or different designs on the same sheet. CAD-PRINTZ are only sold by the individual image, while UltraColor can be purchased by the 11.5″ x 18″ sheet. So if you have several customers ready to order or have your own t-shirt line with several designs, and they fit within the 11.5 x 18 UltraColor sheet size, UltraColor becomes a big win.


Let’s take a look at a couple examples

Smiley’s Ice Cream

4×4 Size, Quantity 50, going on 50/50 T-Shirts

50 CAD-PRINTZ Express Prints $2.08 each

50 UltraColor Soft $2.53 each

10 sheets 6 per sheet, $2.53 each (10 sheets X $12.65/sheet)

WINNER: CAD-PRINTZ   This design would need a visible white outline


American as Baseball


11×11 size, Quantity 50, going on 100% cotton Hoodie

50 CAD-PRINTZ $8.47 each

50 UltraColor Sheets (so there is extra room to add some smaller prints too $5.70 per sheet)

WINNER UltraColor Soft


Time To Run Wild

Quantity-50, Size 8.75 x 11,

CAD-PRINTZ Express $6.79 each

25 UltraColor Soft Sheets, 2 on a sheet, $3.83 each (25 sheets x $7.65/sheet)

WINNER UltraColor Soft Sheets



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