Printing Nylon Jackets and Bags

An often asked question is can you heat print nylon jackets?

The answer is yes! Heat printing nylon jackets is easy. These high-end apparel items can be very profitable.

The key to success is using the correct product.

What Product to Use

We have two transfer products that will work on nylon jackets. The first, is a full color transfer option called Soft Opaque. Soft Opaque is a digital transfer that comes with a white contour outline. For some art, this can be eliminated for an extra fee. Soft Opaque is sold by the piece, so there are no gang sheets.


The second option is also a full color custom transfer called UltraColor Stretch. UltraColor Stretch has a great feel and clean edge lines. The best benefit of UltraColor Stretch is the large 11.5″ x 18″ sheet size.

To get the best bang for your buck, fill the sheet with as much as will fit that is needed. You can easily fit 2 full adult sizes plus a left chest or two.

Application Tips

  • Left chest – outerwear has buttons or zippers so you will want to raise the print area so those obstructions don’t cause uneven pressure. You want to create a raised firm, flat surface. Use a Print Perfect Pad or a foam mouse pad just under the print area
  • Full back – so those front obstructions don’t imprint onto your back print, open the jacket up by unzipping or unbuttoning and working with the back layer only of the jacket. For ¼ zip outerwear, you will need to thread or dress the platen, so you are only working with the back layer.
  • Soft Opaque applies at 310 F for 15 seconds, peel hot
  • UltraColor Stretch applies at 290 F for 12-15 seconds, peel cold.
  • Waterproofing can affect adhesion of either product and every waterproofing chemical is different. We recommend testing in an obscure area prior to ordering. Free Samples are available for testing


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