How to Add a Distress Effect to Your Art

Distress effects involve intentionally aging the look of your artwork to create a sense of nostalgia or history.    With Easy View, your online designer, we have made it easy to add this look to any of the artwork created using our fonts, clip art and customizable layouts as well as your own vector artwork.

Effects Available

Easy View is preloaded with five different distress effects to add to your transfer order.


This is a light distress with thin horizontal lines.


This is a medium distress pattern with vertical lines like a summer rain.


This distress effect has random vertical and horizontal lines with spots.


This distress effect is a medium level of random lines.


This is our heaviest effect best for larger areas.

How To Add Distress to Your Artwork

  1. Open the Online Designer, Easy View.
  2. Create or Upload Your Vector Art on the artboard.
  3. Choose Your Colors
  4. Select the art on the artboard, this will outline it with the green box.
  5. On the Edit Screen to your left, click add distress.
  6. The five choices will appear, select one.
  7. If there is an area you want to remove the effect from, select it on the artboard and clear.    Tip:  For a more readable design, remove the distress effect from small text.

Samples Available

We have a free distress sample pack available showing each of the distress effects


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