Rally Towels are Easy-to-Print Items to Offer Your Customer

This Friday, a big game takes place between two local state ranked football teams. Both of them run successful spirit stores so, professionally, we are staying neutral!

If your area also has an upcoming big game, an easy-to-print item to offer your customer is the rally towel. You can even print on the demand at the game with your heat press and custom transfers supporting both teams. Or have your customer offer it as an incentive with program sales–$10 for a program and rally towel.

Fans with rally towels

Rally towels add to the excitement for fans!

These towels are available at a low cost, usually about $1, and you can do a transfer gang sheet with 2 images per sheet to keep your costs to a minimum. We offer over 100 football layouts that can easily be customized for your event!

On the rally towels shown, which are 14” x 17” in size, we used a Goof Proof® screen printed transfer and heat pressed for 4 seconds. All of our products can be applied to cotton, so choose your favorite and waive your team to victory!

Rally towels are easy to print

Rally towels are a great way for fans to support their team!

Lisa Williams

I wanted to know if these are like screen printed or vinyl printed?

Dealer Services

The rally towels are screen printed.

Dealer Services

We got them from a company via the internet. Yes, we did sell the leftovers we had from a promotion we had. We have a small limited supply left. Call 1-800-622-2280 for more info.


Where did you get the towels themselves? I thought at one time you offered them, yes?

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