Print bags with your heat press

You bought your heat press to press t-shirts and hoodies, but did you know you can also press bags?    Bags are easy to press and the small transfer print size needed can be added to your gang sheets.  Let’s take a look at the different types of bags you can print.  All bags are carried in the Transfer Express apparel line.

Grocery Bags

Most grocery stores are encouraging customers to bring their own bags to reduce waste in the environment.   This makes these reusable grocery bags an easy to sell promotional item.    Did you do some printing for a local restaurant?  These bags can also be used for carryout orders and advertises the restaurant when their customer reuses them on their shopping trip.

Grocery bags are typically polypropylene.   This product has a low melting point so you need to use one of our low temperature transfers—Elasti Print, Express Print or UltraColor.  This is style number G159.

Lunch Bags

This a great line of product to add to your Etsy store or to sell to a school or business.      The print needed is just 4×4 so you either put 12 different designs on your gang sheet, or add it to any of your orders.     Use fun phrases, or the school or company logo.    Express Names will personalize your lunch carrier’s name.     Use a mouse pad to raise the print area when heat pressing on the ready to print pocket on this lunch bag.   This lunch bag is style BG810.

Another option for lunch is the messenger style lunch bag, BG753.   This bag is 100% polyester so stick with the low temperature custom transfers—Elasti Prints, Express Prints and UltraColor to prevent scorching.   Slide a mouse pad in the printable pocket and heat pressing is easy!


Everyone can use a cooler.   These coolers (BG513) are available in the 12 can (shown below), as well as a 6 can (BG512) or 24 can (BG514).    You can put the logo on the top, sides and even the strap can be printed with Goof Proof or Elasti Prints.


With back to school shopping approaching a backpack is a great addition to your product offerings.     Here we highlighted our customer’s hobby, roller skating using glitter ink to give it some sparkle.  This Backpack BG210, is a cotton canvas so all of our transfer products will work on it.

Beach Bags

Is your customer headed on vacation?  Did you do vacation shirts for them?  Upsell with a beach bag.   These easy to launder fleece sweatshirt totes (BG419) are perfect!  And any transfer product can be applied to this bag.

Hip Packs

They’re back!  They jazzed up the branding now calling them hip packs (BG905) instead of fanny packs. And let’s admit it, these hands free packs hold your phone, a credit card and cash and ARE convenient.     We used our full color UltraColor transfers for this racing design.


Do you have a corporate client?    A custom briefcase is the perfect add-on sale.   This briefcase, BG309, is 100% polyester.   All custom transfer products adhere, but we recommend the low temperature transfer types-Elasti prints, Express prints or UltraColor.


Duffel Bag

The traditional duffel bag (BG803) is still a versatile bag that can be customized.    This bag is a 100% cotton canvas so all of our custom transfer types could be applied.    A mouse pad was used to raise the print area when applying.

Cinch Sack

Both polyester and nylon cinch sacks are sold, the polyester cinch sacks offer more (and less expensive) printing options so choose polyester cinch sacks when you can.   This cinch sack, BG810 is 100% polyester and has a mesh trim at the top.

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